Rouken Glen Troupe

The Rouken Glen Entertainers regularly performed from the early 1900’s until after the First World War with a programme of songs by performers such as William Menzies, a young Blantyre miner, who was a conjurer and ventriloquist. (pictured on left)

The park was a popular Glasgow venue and had a concert hall which could seat 700. Normally an entrance ticket cost 3 or 6 pence but apparently passengers on Paisley cars could request Promenade tickets free. As well as a bandstand the Park had, between 1911 and 1921, a film studio, originally a tram depot, whose lighting was connected to the electrical supply of the trams’ power station, causing a “fadeout” every time a tram passed.

I’ve sharpened and coloured this photo for Blantyre Project.

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