Some Lucky Finds

Yesterday I posted about a ring that local man Andrew Wood found near Blantyre Works. Well, that’s really the tip of the iceberg! He’s actually recently found FOUR beautiful rings, all with his metal detector!! All were found around the Livingstone Birthplace, the riverside, and woods at former Blantyre Works.

Andrew told me, “One silver at the Weir on the Bothwell side, the gold one in the wood, a silver one in the woods too and another silver one in the woodland next to the park with the lion sculpture.”

How amazing are these finds and what a great hobby to have had during lockdown!

I”m no ring expert thats for sure. However, I’d say the second on left looks Victorian. The one on the far right has an art deco feel maybe 20s or 30s. The others I have no idea. First one looks basic, but possibly old as the works.
So many rings being found creates images of women at the edge of the water perhaps taking them off for doing washing or going for a dip and then losing them? The mind boggles when you start thinking of the other possibilities over the last couple of centuries. A disgruntled partner throwing the ring into the water to signify ending a relationship? Who knows?! There are stories behind these rings and we may never know who they once belonged to.

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