Robert Russell b1872-d1925

Robert Russell, was born in Cross Rows in the Village, Blantyre on 19th February 1872. He was the son of Thomas Russell and Janet Sharp Mason. His father is listed as a Dye Maker.

Robert married Glasgow woman, Jessie Wilson in Renfrewshire in 1893 and the couple settled down in Govan, Glasgow. During WW1, they came back to Blantyre and took over Wheatlandhead Farm from farmer, Alexander Miller, selling fruit and vegetables from nearby Barnhill. Son George died in Greece during WW1.

I have in my own notes a mention that in business circles his colleagues referred to Robert as ‘Bob’, although one part of his descended family dispute this, though clearly too far back to now confirm.

Robert Russell is photographed at Wheatlandhead, with wife Jessie Wilson and their daughters Elizabeth and little Jessie around WW1 at the time they took over the property and business. His time there however was to be short lived. Robert died on 8th January 1925, aged only 52. Jessie outliving him until her death in 1938. The farm was later operated by his son, Thomas Russell with parts of it sold off to the Bannatynes of Millheugh Estate.

Today, this location is now the Wheatland housing estate.

Photo Courtesy: Hamish McBain, the grandson of Robert Russell, and son of little Jessie.

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