Opening David Livingstone Centre, 1929

Occasionally a little gem falls in my letterbox. A wonderful old photo of David Livingstone’s birthplace Shuttle Row. The picture dates from 1929, just before the opening of the David Livingstone Memorial Centre. The wall on the left was built on the site of the old Dovecot/washhouse. The water well was retained and the houses re-slated. I don’t know the person who took time to deliver this, so if it was you, thank you so much!

The Centre was opened by the Duchess of York in 1929, to a crowd of 12,000 people!

Now rebranded as the David Livingstone Birthplace, the name David Livingstone Centre is dropped. I’ll be posted lots about these buildings this month to celebrate the long awaited reopening of the Museum. Whilst invited down for a recent visit, I took this photo of the building which is now looking rather beautiful again, especially in the June sunshine.

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