Auchintibber Women’s War Work Party

Janice Rodgers shared this interesting extract about the Auchintibber Women’s War Work Party.

From February 1918, it shows their income of £64 and expenditure of £53 going out to the lads in the trenches. £14 coming from the Auchentibber Quoiting Club. During that year, 158 letters and parcels had been sent to the soldiers at the front. Comforts like warm knitted socks, and scarves knitted by the little girls of the nearby school were well received. The calling up of lads of eighteen looks likely to have had an affect on the amounts raised.

There is no doubt that this worthwhile organisation would have helped many soldiers, those comforts perhaps on occasion shared with other soldiers and a reminder of some degree of normality back home in High Blantyre.

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