Blantyreferme Bing, 1980

Hard to believe, but these photos are now 41 years old. Taken in September 1980, it shows the former chimney at Blantyeferme colliery and brickworks, as contractors rolled in to flatten more of the bings and surrounding fields. It’s quite hard to put the location in context, the chimney now long demolished, so I’ve attached a photo of the road at Haughhead as if you’re coming towards Blantyre which shows exactly where the chimney was.

Following the flattening of the fields and bing, the area hasn’t changed much in several decades.


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  1. It is William! Spot on!

    1. William McCracken

      Hi Paul,

      Thanks for taking the time to respond. We moved to Blantyre from Hamilton in 2002 and love reading your daily comments and in turn learning just a wee bit more about where we now live.

      PLEASE, keep up the good work



  2. William McCracken

    Hi Paul

    Is that the road from Uddingston to Blantyre ???

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