Alleged Highway Robbery, 1912

This story takes place on the night of Monday 5th February 1912 and is about an alleged highway robbery!

This prompted a lot of investigation by the police as they tried to uncover the facts. It begins with Blantyre man William Blake (20) who lived at Lamonds Buildings in Springwell, Blantyre. William had been at Cambuslang on that Monday night, and missing the last tram car home, he proceeded to walk the distance of 4.5 miles himself instead.

When he arrived at the Priory Bridge which was about half-way between the two places, he met two men, who weee described at the time as ‘looking like navvies’. The man alleged that they suddenly seized and took his handkerchief from his pocket and gagged him with it. They then took his muffler from his neck and tore it into two pieces. With one piece they bound his legs, at the ankles, and with the other they tied his hands below his right leg.

After going through his pockets they then flung him over a hedge. He reported the theft of 2d. Some miners going off the night shift, found the man about three o’clock in the morning, bound and gagged. After loosening him from his position they had him conveyed to the home of a doctor at Blantyre ,who, however, could find no trace of injuries on the mans body. Despite searches by police, his assailants were never found.

1910 Spittal Bridge (The Priory Bridge)

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