Me, off to School, 1975

Thought I’d share this photo today. It’s the 11th August 1975. 1st day of school. Off I went with my flares, knee high socks, (man)bag and a blonde fashionable “bob”. It was the week Peter Gabriel quit Genesis and man’s first spaceprobe reached another planet (Viking I and Mars). I was 4 and a half and ready for my first day at High Blantyre Primary.

My blonde ‘bob’ stayed blonde until i was about 8 or so. The bob and blondness was gone though by 1979.

In my bag that week, I had empty tobacco tins, which had my first spelling words marked carefully in black pen on cutout little pieces of white cardboard. I also had a dinosaur ruler that had a wacky hologram effect and moved when you looked at it from different sides. The bag is now in my loft with my school certificates and reports in it from throughout my school years.

Anybody else kept anything from their school days?


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  1. Hi Paul,
    a right wee smasher eh!! And Wow!! you had some fancy stuff in that bag of yours! In the 1950s we weren’t so well off! When we emigrated, most of our old reports frae Nessie’s Skuul and David Livingstone were lost, but I managed to keep my last report, my Mum thought i’d need for my new skuul, it was from the Hamilton Academy, still have it. Memories eh! have a good evening,

  2. Michael Glangevlin McGovern

    Love the haircut!! I have 7 of my 8 grade school report cards, signed by my parents and the then teacher. This is from 1949 thru 1957, in the Elmhurst neighborhood of New York City, near JFK Airport.

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