Happy Easter

Wishing everybody reading this, a Happy Easter.

Easter in the tyre, 
wull ne’r be the same,
Naebday rolls their eggs nae mair,
tae kids it jist seems lame.

Ah ‘kin remember paintin’ eggs,
wi’ colours sae bold an grand,
bile them, paint ’em, line them up,
on kitchen bunkers they stand.

Then ‘aff tae the ‘hills’ for rollin,
Greenha, Camel humps an braes,
last wan tae brek, wis the winner,
paint oan wee faces ‘n claes.

Wan egg if ye were lucky,
A Cadbury wan at that,
chocolate faces oan wee lassies,
under their bonnie hats.

Good Friday, mind the delight,
tae hiv nae wurk or school,
A few days ‘aff tae hiv some fun,
‘n acting up the fool.

But Easter his a serious side,
as we celebrate ‘an play,
Mind yon ‘big man’ who sadly died,
for our sins that holy day.

Sae, paint yer eggs ‘an roll em
remember ‘Tyre’ past,
an’ spend yer time with family,
‘cos it’s love fur them that lasts.



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  1. Happy Easter Paul, and thankyou so much for the Easter message so reminiscent, got me thinking…..

    Tae hae an easter egg
    we a’ waantit and waitit
    wan frae grannie up the street?
    wan frae grannie doon the village?
    wan frae Aunty Margaret,

    Keep wan the day
    Tae roll an’ eat
    we’ll gang tae roll it furst,
    share wi mammie
    Daddy’s oan the night shift
    He’ll nae waant a bit.

    Sunday school cam furst
    new hats and gloves tae wear
    then Church wi’ Grampa n Grannie
    singin’ Hallelujah fair,
    the chorus belted oot
    a peppermint tae sooth us

    Noo at last, we take a turn
    doon the dandy by the burn?
    Or wus it ower the brig
    tae Bothwell
    At las’ we roll they eggs,
    chocolate faces a’.

    1. Fantastic Linda! Thats a great poem!

  2. Thanks John. Happy Easter to you!

  3. Many thanks for this sample of a talent I was unaware you possessed – and the encouraging message it contains.
    Happy Easter!

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