1981 Russo’s 156 Glasgow Road

These photos are inside and outside of Russo’s Grocers at 156 Glasgow Road, Blantyre.

Taken on 21st September 1981, they show the last days of trading, the shop sparsely stocked as everything got sold off. What a shame to see the end of businesses like this and indeed the tenements themselves which had accommodated traders and families for almost a hundred years to that point.

2021 sees the 40th Anniversary of the demolition of the last tenement on Glasgow Road, now coming up on two generations who won’t remember these scenes. In a town which is changing fast with full cemeteries, a university, planned coffee drive through and the arrival of a luxury spa, it’s as important as ever to document, record and archive all of Blantyre’s history from this era so quickly becoming forgotten.

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  1. Paul could this building be one of what they use to call a land where the miners families use to stay in

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