1922 Milheugh House

A nicely colourised photo of the former Milheugh House at the Calder. This grand house once sat next to the falls at the River Calder. Initially a Georgian Mansion, Victorian additions were added as you can see by the long windows on the right hand side addition to the house. Beyond were outbuildings believed to be washhouses and stores.

The photo dates from 1922, almost 100 years old and its safe to say the estate was quite well kept in that era. There would have been an impressive view from those windows out on to the Calder and falls.

This was of course all private land, the public invited on to the land on occasion for fetes and fundraisers by the Bannatyne family. Once again, this is yet another example of a grand home Blantyre lost due to the council’s unwillingness to upkeep it. Security concerns in the midst of public park would however have made it difficult for any other use for the council. Had this survived and opened up as a council shop or museum, it likely would have been a constant target for overnight breakins.

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