Cook Brothers

Duncan Slater shared this photo adding, “This picture is of the Cook Brothers who dedicated more than 50 years to Scouting in Blantyre.
Alex was the scoutmaster of 3rd Blantyre 1944 to 1953 before moving to High Blantyre parish church as Group scout master, Charlie Donated all this time with 3rd.Blantyre (Livingstone)

Do you know this Cook family?


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  1. My Great Grandmother was Janet Cook, she had brothers called Alexander and Charles they lived in the craighead rows in Blantyre, not sure if it’s the same family as in the picture, I do have a picture of the cook family but unsure how to share it on this thread, Janets parents were Charles Cook and Helen Cook.

  2. Hi Paul and Duncan

    My Dad was “adopted” by the Cook family whom I believe were “in-laws” to my Dad’s birth family the “Mackie’s” on his father’s side and the “McAdams” on his mother’s side.

    I was brought up believing the whole Cook family were related to me by blood and not until I was in my teens was I told that my “Grannie Cook” was a “foster grannie”. I felt devastated. It answered a few questions I felt, but couldn’t articulate as a child. As to why one of my “Aunts” looked at us with some disdain, why we weren’t in a wedding photograph of one of my favourite uncles.

    To me Grannie Cook was the ideal, who taught me to “read” the fire in the grate, to read the newspaper when I was as young as 3 years old. My Grannie Cook taught me to have routine in life, to always look out for your neighbours, friends and family, that she adored my father who was known as “Davie Cook” until he went into the army and they found he was “David McAdam Mackie” not “Cook”. To all intents and purposes, Grannie Cook was the only mother he knew having been left with her at the young age of 4 or 5 months.

    I recall the name “Charlie Cook” being used in the house but not much else, my “Uncle” Andrew Cook (Burnbank) was a favourite Uncle as well as “Uncle” Jim who went to live down south. “Aunty” Jean lived in Burnbank and was a favourite Aunt. lovely lovely woman. So to all the Cooks its a great big thank you for stepping in to care for my poor Dad.

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