1959 Mackies at Hillview Drive

Linda Mackie Marieskind writes, “Here we are, my siblings and I (the eldest and tallest) at No 1 Hillview Drive, Blantyre overlooking the field where we played for hours and enjoyed an adult free time! Most important!  My siblings are Ann, Jane and John Mackie.”

The photo, which had colour added, was taken in late summer of 1959.

Linda told me, “It was when our relatives came home from Canada for a visit. My Uncle John (Pearson) brought his new (very old) car, and we were so excited, we adored him.  We were all scrubbed up, hair in ribbons, the day’s fashion, and my father, David Mackie, took the photo on an auld cameras. Even neighbouring kids/friends got dressed up, Betty Hughes and Catherine Dick. “

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