1900 Earliest Tram

This drawing dates from around 1900 or so and reflects a depiction of the earliest tram on the Hamilton Network. Titled ,”Workmen’s Car” this is part of the Hamilton, Motherwell & Wishaw Tramway Company, an early open top design which also had the driver exposed to the elements.

As the years progressed, trams became more sophisticated, always evolving with drivers protected against the elements, passengers on top offered some weather protection and a multitude of guards and safety devices installed, especially around the undercarriage.

Blantyre trams first ran in 1903, gone by 1930.

With thanks to Gordon Cook for sharing this drawing.

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  1. The Tram service from Blantyre through Hamilton and Motherwell up to Wishaw and Newmains ended on 6 October 1930. The Service from Blantyre to Cambuslang ended on the same day.

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