Dragged to Safety

On Tuesday 10th November 1914, a Blantyre boy had a lucky escape on Glasgow Road.

A boy named Andrew Delinsky, while crossing the road at Merry’s Rows, fell in front of a tramway car which was passing at the time. The driver with great promptitude dropped tho guard, (a plow like device on the front of the car) and the boy was scooped up and carried a short distance until the tram could stop.

On being removed from the guard device, he was thankfully and remarkably found with only a scratch to the face. It was only thanks to the great presence of mind of the driver that the consequences might have been more serious.

This is a good photo to illustrate. Taken only 4 years later, Merry’s Rows were just beyond the Stonefield Parish Church pictured.

1910 Tram on Glasgow Road

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