Blantyre Hibs, A McGill

Jonathan Maynell, a Town Historian in Halifax writes, “I’m researching a footballer called McGill. Known to have played for Blantyre Hibernians before joining Albion Rovers in January 1903. Later played in West Yorkshire with Mirfield United (1909) and Halifax Town (1911). It has been suggested his first name is Allan, but can’t find anything an Ancestry sites. All mentions refer to him simply as A. McGill. I have a photo attached.”

I didn’t have much that I could reply to Jonathan with or having anything directly recorded about this person, but looking at the 1901 census for Blantyre, there’s a possible fit. There’s a male by name of McGill….but with no first name recorded being 18 years old in 1901 and recorded in the census as living in Blantyre. The other McGills don’t fit, either being too young or old to be a footballer.

According to my notes, Blantyre Hibernian was a former short-lived Blantyre Football team at Low Blantyre. According to the Scottish Referee, Blantyre Hibs formed in 1898 to take part in the Lanarkshire Junior League. Known to exist in 1899 through to at least 1902.

One Friday evening in March 1900, Blantyre Hibs Football Club held a concert in the Masonic Hall at Stonefield. Mr. Robert Thom presided and there was a large audience. St Joseph’s Brass Band was present. An assembly followed the concert.

Later, sometime around 1902 players had started leaving, perhaps to join more successful clubs and by 1903, around the time when Hibs went completely defunct, Blantyre Victoria Football Club was the only club playing at Castle Park, just off Forrest Street. As such Blantyre Hibs Football Club existed for only 4 or 5 years.

An appeal goes out to anybody who could add some information.

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  1. Thank you for your assistance. I bit the bullet and used some credits to access the 1901 Scottish Census to find the entry you mentioned. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear to be my man, as the name seems to read Harry McGill, listed as a ‘Boarder’ (which many footballers did, back then, btw). I’m not sure why the transcriber couldn’t read his first name.

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