1773 How Blantyre Looked

In 1773, a map of the shire of Lanark was produced, taken from an actual survey and laid down from a scale of an inch to a mile / by Charles Ross (b1722-d1806)

The Blantyre portion is rather interesting with some well known names, but still very rural and without many of the roads we’re familiar with today. Prominent early names, some of which you’ll recognise now, derived mostly from the farms in their particular areas. At this time the population of Blantyre was little more than 500 people, a scattering of hamlets and farms. The population centre, very much centred at the High Blantyre Cross.

You can access the full map, being able to zoom in and see other areas of Lanarkshire here https://maps.nls.uk/view/216390106

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