War & Blantyre Bowling Club

Friday 24th September 1915, saw the Blantyre Bowling Green close at Stonefield Road.

It was not just the last game of the season, but the prevailing difficult and escalating WW1 conditions, was generally making sports and recreation a thing less on people’s minds.

The last games were carried out quietly and instead of the usual supper held somewhere nearby, the thought of eating to celebrate was appropriately dismissed. A final game was played between the married and single members of the club.

Pictured around a decade earlier (1905 or so) is Blantyre Bowling Club. From my own collection this photo has never been seen online until now and has been kindly coloured by a friend. The roofs of Dixons Rows appear in the background. This is a real who’s who of Blantyre. Amongst the figures, I recognise Andrew McAnulty, Celtic Director James Kelly, Dixons cashier Neil Douglas, Cllr AB Maxwell and Dr Cowan Wilson (who has an arch built after him, in the park). I’m confident this green pictured is still in the same place today, one half of a plot called ‘Pilot Acre’, just off Stonefield Road.

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