Remembrance Day 2020

Its safe to say Remembrance Day in 2020 is a little different. With restrictions on not being able to meet in groups of more than 6 people, the town’s residents and organisations have had to offer their individual, separate support in their own time. But what a response!

The cemetery area around the War Memorial looks stunning this year with poppies wrapped up through the trees, with thanks to Bonnie Blantyre.

The display provided by Gavin Watson Printers of the soldiers in silhouette looks very touching, almost like the soldier’s presence is right there. I noticed also further names have been added to the plaques, presumably by families of more Blantyre people who died in the wars.

As always, I’ve placed a wreath at both the High Blantyre Cemetery and Auchentibber War memorials, on behalf of us all. Remembering all those souls who sacrificed so much.

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  1. Dear Paul, thankyou so much for the laying of wreaths in all of our names. I remember well attending a dawn service with my grand father who took my sister and I under protest from my grand mother “that’s no a place tae take weans” she remonstrated. But go we did and I was glad that I was instructed about a wee part of our history. To hear that all these men had left Blantyre to fight for our freedom was amazing to me as a child. I understand better now what drives men and women to these extents. What a waste of human life war is, I will never forget that trumpet sounding out and my grandfather, usually such a jovial man, (to me at least) being very sombre and holding my hand tightly, as though he had to hold on for his grief in seeing again the names of husbands, brothers and friends. Thank you so much for posting these photos Paul, I so appreciate your passion and commitment.

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