Caldergrove Window

This beautiful window was photographed in 1983 at the former Caldergrove House, just before it was demolished.

The window with various glass inserts was situated on the 2nd floor of the former mansion house and this decor is very much Victorian in style, beautiful floral patterns intent on impressing.

The top panel looks like a scene of the Calder itself, a bend on the River where Caldergrove once sat. That top panel may have been hand painted, though admittedly its a little blurred in this photo.

I have no idea what happened to this window, but it may have ended up lying smashed amongst the demolition rubble.

At the very top, I can just about make out “East or West, Hame is best”. A phrase still very true today…. EastWestHame’s Best—a Lowland Scots phrase reassuring us that no matter how far we may roam or how exotic our travel itinerary, the return homehame—is our ultimate reward.

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