1953 Auchinraith School

1953 Auchinraith School

Hamish Dow has shared this great photo of Auchinraith School in 1953. These are all Blantyre children and I’m sure they’ll be fathers, brothers, uncles and grandfathers in this photo of many readers. I’ve zoomed in for a better look.

Hamish told me, “ These are the pupils of Auchinraith Primary School. If this is the qualifying class then it would be 1953 as my brother Niel Dow was 11 then. He is in second row down, the third pupil in from the right.

My brother has noted on the back of the photo that the back row comprises: Charles Spiers, Archie McCulloch, Andrew McAnulty, Robert Wallace, Robert Robertson, Tom Richardson, David McKean, Tom Fisher, Jim Stalker.

Andrew McAnulty went on to Hamilton Academy where my brother joined him after finishing four years at St Johns. Also at the Academy were Billy Hamilton of Small Crescent whose father was an elder in the Anderson Church. Charlie MacDonald of the Hoolet’s Nest, Barnhill. Charlie married Margo Aitken from East Kilbride who was also at the Academy – Margo MacDonald.

Andrew McAnulty stayed at 86 Victoria Street on the corner with the top side of Morris Crescent. I’ve a feeling that Andrew was a grandson of the miners’ leader Andrew McAnulty. I don’t recall Andrew Patterson, grandson of Andrew McAnulty, mentioning in his book “A Blast from the Past” that there was another Andrew McAnulty.”

Do you recognise anybody in this charming photo?

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