Elmwood School

Frances Kane shared this great photo of Elmwood School. Now, I know this is slightly outwith Blantyre, but many Blantyre girls walked across the bridge to attend.

Frances told me, “My mother was born in Blantyre and attended Elmwood Girls School.  My mother was about thirteen in this picture which would make this circa 1933.  Anyone recognise their mum, auntie, cousin… or maybe the teacher.  

My mother was Susan Ferrie Brown (1920-2002), daughter of John McCabe Brown (1884-1958) and Margaret Ferrie (1888-1969).  I think that my aunt Margaret McLean Brown (1907-1996) also attended Elmwood, a few years earlier. Margaret was a long time teacher at St. Joseph’s Primary and other schools in Blantyre; her married name Mrs. John Ayre.  

I enjoy your site and particularly one older piece.  That most intriguing to
me was the story of Jane Duffy (1857-1932); she was my maternal great, great grandmother.  She married John Ferrie (1862-1913) on January 15th, 1883 and they had ten children.  Susan Ferrie Brown’s mother, Margaret was the third born and so the story continued. “

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  1. Michael Glangevlin McGovern

    Hi Paul – all my family safe here in New York, neither Mary Lou or I nor our four married kids nor our 8 grand-kiddies got the Corona virus. Our teacher kids are starting school with doing half classroom and half remote, both with their students and with their own kids. What a mess. Isn’t the Elmwood School the same as my mom’s Convent School she attended in Blantyre? I would think the nuns would be teaching every class. Could you get a list of teachers? My mom was born November 1914 so would have attended Elmwood from maybe 1920 till emigrating to New York in 1930. Great student photo. Mike.

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