Co-op Emporium, 1960’s

Today’s ‘inside’ photo is from the 1960’s and it’s into the Co-op Emporium (the former Clydesdale Bank and now Glen Travel).

Pictured are the Co workers and their names are known! From left to right Alex Crawford, Marlyn Elder, David Mackie, Mary McLusky and Robert McKinley.

What’s your memories of the Co-Emporium? Anybody else work there?
With thanks to David McIntosh.

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  1. I loved the Co-op the butter in a barrel, the friendly staff, but I think in this photo is a cousin of mine, i.e. David Mackie, my Dad was also David Mackie, but was a foundling to the Cook family of 134 Calder Street who didn’t find out he was a “foster child” until he was in his teens and going into the army. I know the Mackie’s were a huge family with 13 children, I’d be interested to find out if any other Mackie’s are still in Blantyre and related.

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