1980’s Wullie Pate & Paperboys

How about this for a cracker of a photo! This is William (Wullie) Pate outside his popular newsagents on Stonefield Road during the early 1980’s.

Pates Newsagents had moved from 196 Glasgow Road over to Stonefield Road, moving into Benhams old shop. In the background I can see neighbouring shop run by David McIntosh.

It’s probably a reflection of how many papers were sold to see an ‘”army of 7 ” paperboys, complete with their shiny new strong shoulder bags. Wullie is pointing to a clock showing 7.10am, perhaps the time he expected all the boys to be there each day?

Do you recognise the lads? With thanks to Valerie and Geoff Krawczyk for sharing.

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  1. Cracking photo. Just a couple of years before my time working for Wullie and Geoff. Otherwise I’d be in that photo.

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