1966 Entertaining Royal Children

This photo was taken in August 1966 outside the former Caldergrove House.

Pictured is Bertha Waddell, owner of Caldergrove who also owned a children’s theatre company. A very successful one at that. A highly respected company, props were being loaded into a lorry ahead of a very special performance for none other…… than the Queen’s children!

They were heading to Balmoral that Saturday for Prince Andrew’s 6th Birthday party. Most of the children there were about the Prince’s age. About 20 kids. Prince Edward (2) was also there as was Princess Anne. The Queen wore a tartan skirt and red blouse.

A stage was erected in the ballroom and it was there that Bertha Waddell put on an hour long children’s show. Ice cream and a distribution of party hats brought the festivities to an end.

“It was a very happy informal occasion” Miss Waddell said. Incredibly this was the 7th performance Bertha had put on for the Royal family. The first time putting on a show in 1935 for Princesses Elizabeth (the now Queen) and her sister Margaret. Bertha’s small company of just 5 people including her younger sister Jenny travelled by van to the venue. Bertha is in the middle. Many of the props ended up in the spinsters home on display.

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