1967 Blantyre News Roundup


Jumping next to the first week of November 1967, here’s a roundup of some of the stories that made the Blantyre newspapers. A good little snapshot of what was happening that week, some 53 years ago.

Keeping Out Traffic
Steps were taken to ensure School Lane at High Blantyre was as traffic free as possible. A meeting took place with the County Roads surveyors to see what could be done to remove traffic from the street. Pupils of High Blantyre School were being encouraged to use this quieter route so they didn’t have to go around the narrow pavements at the nearby Church Halls.

Boy Cyclist Hurt
Donald Wildman (7) of 89 Craig Street was knocked off his bicycle by a car on Glasgow Road. The accident happened near the junction of Stonefield Road. Thankfully Donald was relatively ok.

Football Clubs at Risk
Blantyre Amateurs and Blantyre Thistle had to appeal to the District Council for grant aid after a worrying decline in their club finances. There was an admission that the clubs could be at risk.

Fire Destroyed Hut
A fire engulfed and destroyed a works bothy on Stonefield Road at the site of the new houses being constructed across the road from the Anderson Church.

Police Seek Doll Thief
The Stationers shop at 80 Glasgow Road was broken into on the Saturday night. Bizarrely, the thief still 15 dolls valued around £15. A youth was spotted running away from the scene.

Lollipop Man Retires
Lollipop man John McCorgary who leads the children across the road at Coatshill Avenue, retired.

Blantyreferme Break In
and finally, on the Blantyeferme Road, valuable pieces of equipment were stolen from the works compound. Things stolen included items of plant and a large quantity of cable. The work in the area was the laying a major gas pipe from the gasworks at Uddingston into Blantyre’s West End in anticipation of the new houses proposed for Priory Bridge.

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