1890’s Crossbasket Falls

The beautiful falls at Crossbasket, commonly known as “The Four Angels”. This waterfall is on the Rotten Calder River at High Blantyre and to put into context, you’ll see Crossbasket in the background.

If this photo had been taken today, it would look almost the same, so it may surprise you to learn, this is a previously unseen online photo, taken in the 1890s!

Yes, it’s over 120 years old, back to a time when the Neilson family lived at Crossbasket House, then a private residence. (George Neilson owned Summerlee, a coalmaster whose family made their money initially in supplying iron for the large ships of the Victorian era).

Crossbasket had been extensively added to in the 1890s and its incredible to think that even back to the roots of this old building during the 1400’s, this little waterfall probably still looked very similar.

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