WW1 Cookbook

George Park recently shared these photos. He recently found this cook-book, published by Lanarkshire Education Department sometime after WW1. (reference to war time haggis).

The book runs to 22 pages, has been scanned at 400dpi, and total file size is 92 meg. George’s mum was a sensational cook, and catered for RAF aircrew during WW2. Needless to say this booklet contains many old recipes , some of which are reprinted briefly here. There’s some soups, dumplings and cakes. It got me thinking how many children or young adults would have used such a worthwhile book to learn some life skills back in that era. I was trying to convince George he should republish this. I think there would be good demand for some old school recipes, even more so illustrating it.



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  1. Allison C Sullivan

    How might one get a copy? I am prepared to pay for it.

    1. Hi Allison – there is no published version. I’ll try to get George to send over a link to the copy and upload it for others, if he permits.

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