Loanfoot, 1975

1975 Loanfoot EK Expressway

Staying around 1975 for the time being with this photo of High Blantyre. Putting this in context, the road in the foreground is the start of Hillhouse Road, which once forked off Douglas Street. This is before the opening of the Expressway and this photo represents the advance earthworks and work undertaken to build up the embankments which would ultimately support the new, busy A725.

The former Dixon’s pit Bings being further reduced and you can see the County Buildings so recognisable in the background, built a decade earlier. In the foreground is the contractors site compound which sat next to the ruined building once named Loanfoot. With thanks to Drew Semple, who had the foresight and interest to take this great photo depicting so much change, even as a boy.

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