Caldergrove, Mid 1970s

1974 Caldergrove House

Caldergrove House was a former large detached villa in its own grounds by the Rotten Calder River. Situated just over the river to the west in Cambuslang Parish, it was accessed by the private road, leading off Glasgow Road across the Priory Bridge and up into its own woodland. The nearby River Calder created the boundary between Blantyre and Cambuslang and with Caldergrove House on the West side, it sat firmly in the Cambuslang side, right on the fringes. Amongst the closest buildings to the stone-built grand house was the West End Bar and Bardykes Farm.

It was built around 1830 as a private home and impressive it was too, with considerable land around it forming a tidy estate, sitting high up on the cliff ledge, overlooking the River Calder. According to the 1859 Valuation Roll it was described as- “A superior and large dwelling house having offices a little west of it, and surrounded by young fir plantation. The property of and occupied by Mr J, Mc Culloch.” According to Slater’s Directory of 1860, James McCulloch is the confirmed owner of Caldergrove.

During WW1 it was used as an auxiliary hospital. Pictured here around 1974/75 by Drew Semple, the house went on fire in 1983, signifying the end of its 155-year existence.

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