1980 The Old and the New

1980 Glasgow Road building Clydeview

Let’s stick with the Glasgow Road Redevelopment for now. If ever there was a photo showing the transition of Glasgow Road , its this one…. nicely showing the old and the new alongside each other!

This is Springtime 1980 and as Clydeview Shopping Centre and Asda rise out the ground on the south side of the road, the last few remaining tenements are pictured on the north side. This is before the sports centre, the road leading off in the foregound is former Alpine Street.

Off to the left is the bottom of a redundant Craig Street and the second half of the shopping centre was built where the yellow van is parked and out the picture to the left.

The wasteground which appeared on both sides of Glasgow Road was often used that year as carparks, something the council tried to put a stop to. The was the end of an era for Blantyre and the beginning of one filled with hope for a modern, better future.  Putting this all in context now, Alpine Street would have been just beyond the current bus shelter, approximately in line with the Sports Centre entrance.

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Joseph Allan RBS in opening
John Berry gd times
Karen Menzies Morag Campaigne is this the street we’re you stalled dads car learning to drive 😂😂 I remember it well
Martin Spencer Flashback
Kerry Tremble Kevan Strange to see buildings on that side
Thomas Barrett Doctor’s surgery.
Margaret Sanderson Thomas Barrett That’s what I immediately spotted! Drs Stewart and Cassidy with Dr Connaghan taking over from Dr Stewart when he retired.
Geordie McClenaghan I remember Asda opening but don’t remember the tenements on the other side
Andy Hilston Memories
Sandra Morrison Dr casssidys surgery
Kate Blackburn Can’t say Asda has enhanced Blantyre.
Catriona Paterson Kate Blackburn made it worse
Tom McGuigan Kate Blackburn 200 jobs they claimed . Don’t think many Blantyre people were employed at first. I went for an interview, first thing he asked was have you worked on a superstore before?. Ruination of the heart of the town. I forgot about Alpine Street.
Elizabeth Daley Was it the bowling alley that was next to the docs
Thomas Barrett Elizabeth Daley the dookit
Elizabeth Daley Thomas Barrett I canny mind the dookit
John Breen Elizabeth Daley the dookit was an auld picture hoose in glesga rd
Way b4 ma time, Probably 30s to 50s, I remember ma parents talking aboot it, They wid have been young in the fifties.
Tom McGuigan Thomas Barrett I remember the Dookit but in was all boarded up by the late 60s.
Thomas Barrett Tom McGuigan it became the bowling alley then burned down
Tom McGuigan Thomas Barrett don’t remember the bowling alley or it burning down. I remember walking past on the way home from School
Thomas Barrett Tom McGuigan you must be to young, maybe you’re thinking of the Broadway
Tom McGuigan Thomas Barrett thanks for the compliment lol, I was born in 1960, moved to Blantyre in 65. I remember going to the Broadway, the Dookit was across from the post office.
Thomas Barrett It was the bowling alley early sixties and burned down soon after, so probably away when you came to blantyre
Karen Nicoll Thomas my Granny worked in the bowling Alley. Dr Cassidy’s Surgery, was previously Miss Browns school of dance, where my Mum learned to be a brilliant wee dancer xx
Carol Crombie Karen Nicoll Daisy Brown’s dance school – she was my great-aunt and a lovely woman
Karen Nicoll Hi carol, My mum would have been 80 this december, unfortunately she passed away 1973, but we have fond memories of mum talking about her dancing days, my granny said she was one of miss Brown’s star pupils, as a little girl my mum used to teach all the girls in the village how to dance x
Gail Chalmers The building with the yellow tiles was Dr Cassidy & Dr Connaghan’s surgery. If I remember correctly they were sisters
Frances Hendry Gail Chalmers yes that’s right I just didn’t know how to spell connaghan she was my first doctor that I remember and I’m 66 now and then it was a wee shop belonging to Kate fernons mum who’s other daughter was Mary Lang who had the fabulous boutique on Clyde view when it was built
Carol Crombie Frances Hendry Raptures was Mary Lang’s boutique- spent most of my wages there!
Gordon Frew God Alpine St! I remember that well & Greenside St too doesn’t seem as far back as it actually is! I’m getting too old too quickly
Liz Boxall Gordon .. I stay in Greenside street opp the Cosy Corner .. above Andrew Little the bakers and Wullie Pates .. could smell the rolls baking in the morning
Gordon Frew Liz we moved to church st when I was 9 Mr’s Pate & Little & Batters all stayed in that street
Liz Boxall Gordon .. yes and they all lived above their shops before that .. Valerie and Geoff are still in Church Street
Liz Boxall Just noticed your friends with my daughter Adele Fleming .. small world
Gordon Frew Liz as are my parents
Gordon Frew Liz I thought you knew that 😂 we were at Auchinraith together
Kenny Weir Where the van and cars are on the left hand side there used to be a tenement building, do you have any pictures of it ? I lived there maybe about 1968
Mick Watson Very vague memories of living in one of those tenements when i was very young, but address was John Street, bedrooms looked out on to Glasgow Road while living room looked towards the park football fields. Can also remember a small bakery next to park entrance just off Glasgow Road behind other tenements. Also remember Brownlees was the toy shop below, bought Matchbox cars in there. This would have been approx late 60s .
Tom Thomson I remember all this part of Blantyre, Who remember’s the best baker’s. “Black’s” what a treat for roll’s and pie’s😋, Not a great amount of character left on Glasgow Road.
John Breen Tom Thomson naw tam I remember little’s rolls and they wur as good the aroma aboot of their smell. Early tae mid 70s.
Tom Thomson John Breen , John you are also right with Little’s Roll’s first class, I jist forgot aboot them
Isabel Mcneily Memories
Jimmy Whelan Was it not Doctor Cassidy and Dr Connahan surgery.
Ruth Ni’Braonain Thomson Jimmy Whelan a rem it as dr connahans surgery too .
Jimmy Whelan Ruth Ni’Braonain Thomson were doctor Cassidy and Dr Connahan not sisters
Ruth Ni’Braonain Thomson Jimmy Whelan im sure they were ….i mind my sister split her head open an my mum took her to dr connahans house in station road at 7 at night she wd have stitched it but didnt have her bag with her ..wdnt happen these days
Jimmy Whelan Ruth Ni’Braonain Thomson she saved my life when I was a baby.
Margaret Liddle Mr Paterson the chemist was on the right hand side of this picture the building with the sign on the side of it, my sister in law Nan there for years, my other sister in law worked in the Royal Bank Isobel
Kirstin Anderson Margaret Liddle My first job was in RBS, I worked with Isobel.
John Foley Looks better without asda
John Foley Where’s the post office
Blantyre Project out the photo to the left
John Foley Was only 4 year old when photo was took love the look of old Blantyre photos
Amyj Mcclinton Gail Mcclinton can you remember it like this
Gail Mcclinton Amyj Mcclinton yip ,,Martha the poles ,,for ma platforms ,,Big brown ugly things ,,but a loved the bay city rollers ,,,shanalang
Mary Davies Remember old Blantyre well .Had a pub at nearly every corner lol
Tam Friel The traffic lights are still in the same place was alpine street not an entrance to the park
Alan Baird i was working on the new asda building as that time , i was serving my apprenticeship as a joiner
Cathy Kerr My first job after leaving school RBS portacabin
Carole B Buchan Loved the Old Blantyre. I lived in Joanna Terrace on Glasgow Road as a child., One of the few tenements still left.What a great view we had from our livingroom window!

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