1980 Asda Warehouse Built

1980 Asda Warehouse

Staying with the subject of Asda for now. Back to 1980 as ASDA superstore and warehouse rises out the ground that springtime and summer.

This is on the site of the former Ness’s School and infant school at the corner of Glasgow Road and Victoria Street. In one of the photos at the back, you can see the Police station to put it into context.

Those people who worked in the warehouse, like me, may remember the constant amount of birds that would fly under the grey roof and nest directly above all the pallets of food and goods. It took some time before the space was closed off by netting. Constructed of steel and brick, the warehouse was and is pretty secure. The building opened in October 1980.

Did YOU ever work in ASDA Warehouse?

1980 Asda Warehouse2

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Colin Duffy I did nearly every job in ASDA from 1980 to 1985
Blantyre Project There was a real effort in changing roles back then. I remember too around 1987 working in the warehouse, another day on the front tills, then other weeks working in the petrol kiosk. ‘Training’ was a 20 minute tour and talk by the supervisor.
Blantyre Project remember the paper wage packets?
Alan Baird i worked on building it
Jennifer Miller I worked there when it first opened

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