Croftfoot Furniture

There’s something a little spooky but still fascinating when somebody contacts you with photos of furniture once in your own home before you lived there!

That happened to me this week when Jan Jackson shared these photos of wonderful furniture that once adorned Croftfoot, in High Blantyre. A tall grandfather clock, a Georgian writing Bureau and period era seat. Granted I’d be interested in this more than most, but its what’s on the grandfather clock I wanted to record here, in the hope somebody out there can help.

The long case clock is mahogany and has an inscription above the face to William Paterson (not sure who he was?) and the name GOUKTHRAPLE is also on the front. Cannot find anything or anyone with that name, but thought it might be the maker of the time piece. I note that GOWKTHRAPPLE is a place in Wishaw, so there may be a connection. I’d love to know who William paterson was and how the clock came to end up in High Blantyre in Croftfoot, when it was once home of the Jacksons for several generations.


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  1. I have a long case clock by William Paterson with place name on dial as Cambusnethan. I believe the date is around 1792. I have not so far found any info on Paterson.

  2. Thank you Eddie for taking the trouble to find out more about the long case clock, it could answered a lot of questions as to its originality. Not sure if you could see but it also had a little box with date numbers and I think it could be a ‘second’ had dial as well. Many thanks Jan J

  3. Hi Paul Following your recent post concerning the Croft foot clock ldid a little digging and found a William Paterson clockmaker who made what were called long case clocks around the mid 19th century featuring similar characteristics to the one owned by Janet Jackson,ie mahogany body ,ornate face engraving with Roman &Arabic numerals.Even more interesting is the fact that he was based in Cambusnethan.Further reading revealed that there was a clockmaker of the same name working in Hamilton around 1870 who subsequently was reported to be located In Cambuslang.I hope you found this information helpful in providing clues to the provenance of a very impressive and we’ll loved artefact.

  4. Hi Paul, Glad the pictures were of interest to you and who knows we may find out who William Paterson was also some more information on the Clock and its maker.
    regards Jan J

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