Stonefield Tavern

I’m told this is a photo from the late 1970’s taken in Stonefield Tavern on Glasgow Road, though suspect from the clothing, its likely the 80s. Pictured is Edward Maxwell, David Maxwell and Kath Maxwell. Anybody know the other two people?

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Photo shared by Elizabeth O Donovan.

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Fee Fee Margaret Reilly mcginley
Marion Gilmour Was 80 s and I loved that wee pub
Pedro Coh Mags Reilly , my cousin’s ex
Alice Maxwell The other 2 are Margaret Reilly Mcginley and Bennie Bavis, who was married to Cath Maxwell
Brenda Mcgrail Best pub in the 80s loved it went every weekend and it was packed xx Ann Odonnell Anne Bain Marie Thomson xx
John Cornfield It was the pub to go to in 77-78 when it was done up until then had been my dads local an auld mams pub but after renovation Young people from all over flocked to it and before Raskalz it was the place to be seen in lots of bus runs and days out May Maxwell was in charge took no shit from anyone and was firm but fair great landlady for a smashing pub
Steve Brownlie A ran quite a few buses from teddies all over Scotland and a few too Blackpool as well great time had by all
Jim Canning My Dads local for years, friends with Sammy Maxwell.
John Breen I recognize the Maxwell brothers
Shame about Eddie taken too young
Laurie Allan Crothers I worked there late7 0’s-early80’s . It was mobbed every weekend. Great wee pub
Tricia Allan-Martin Yep, Margaret Reilly front left. Now Margaret McGinley, still living in Blantyre. We all called the pub “Teddy‘s”
Elizabeth O’Donovan Edward, David and Cath are my cousins…I am a Cochrane and worked in the pub with Cath when we were younger….happy days when Uncle Sammy and Mamie ran it x

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