Lockdown Quiz 19: Where is this?

2000 Bottom Gate Bellsfield Farm

Hope you’re enjoying these quiz photos the last few weeks. Slightly more difficult now….. Today’s lockdown quiz photo is something still here today, looking very similar to this. But where in Blantyre is it? Answer revealed tonight.

With thanks to Gordon Cook for this photo.

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Annmarie Limerick Strang Bottom of Kirkton Avenue
Margo Haughen Old entrance to Birdsfield Farm, now Kirkton.
Jim McSorley Margo Haughen indeed Margo. There was a burn there ( now piped) As teenager we used to have a rope swing on one of the trees and play wan man In the trees
Margo Haughen Jim McSorley Jim, as a toddler in her pram, I’m told my loving big brother may well have been the one who catapulted me down the hill from the farm onto the(thankfully quiet) main road. I’m sure he’ll put in a disclaimer
Julie Tabor Main street just across from timbertown.
Russell Boyd Im sitting right across the road from it right now
William Dickson Birdsfield farm know as peter wilkies years ago.
Dougs Beaton On the bend turning into bottom end of Kirkton Avenue
Moyra Lindsay Maisie Whittaker we were allowed to go there with a bottle of water and sugar sandwiches. We were just wee weans!!!
Blantyre Project This is indeed the bottom of Kirkton Avenue at High Blantyre and in particular the old entrance to the former farm! Well done to everybody who guessed correctly. Going to have to search for more difficult photos!

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