Janet, the Wilkie Horse, 1960


The newspaper clipping from June 1960 was shared by Sandy Wilkie to Blantyre Project. Sandy has been doing a bit of a clearout during lockdown and keeps unearthing some historical snippets. This is ‘Janet’ the last animal to pull a Wilkie horsedrawn milk cart!

Janet was a 25 year old mare at the time who had just given birth to a foal. The beautiful horses belonged to Peter Wilkie of Bardykes Farm.

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Marion Anderson I remember the milk cart
Jackie MacDonald Awe my dads milk cart horse. He often talked about Janet. X
William Dickson Yes remember the horse well.janet was one of the milk horses and also Percy my uncle mick worked at peter wilkies farm delivering milk my gran work as cleaner at wilkies home
Margo Haughen William Dickson loved Mrs Dickson, a big part of our lives as children and teenagers. Only good memories of Mick too
William Dickson Margo Haughen is that Peter’s daughter knew you and sandy long time ago I was mick’s nephew william who was the milk boy memories x
Brian Weaver I used to be put on Janet’s back to ride up Victoria St when my uncle David was a milk man. We stabled the horse and walked down to Peter Wilkie’s house. I remember Sandy when he was a three year old.
Cecil Willis White foot?
Sandy Wilkie You’re right, Jackie – he drove it from
Birdsfield to Bardykes as he assisted the family with the “flitting”, in 1956!
Jackie MacDonald Sandy Wilkie I’m sure you’re dad flitted us too from Cemetery Rd to Camelon cres. Xx
Sandy Wilkie Jackie MacDonald yes, he did! And I wax there as well! But that wasn’t a horse and cart – a big Morris van!
Jackie MacDonald Sandy Wilkie was it blue?
Sandy Wilkie Jackie MacDonald yes!
Sarahjane Kenyon I remember going over to Wilkies farm as a child and feeding the horses apples( lived in Hazelwood drive)

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