1950 An idyllic Scene

archway 1950

September 1950, and this is a lovely Scene at Low Blantyre. The caption in the newspaper against this photo at the time was “Although to all appearances this is a country scene, the memorial archway to Dr (Cowan) Wilson and its lovely floral surroundings at Blantyre Public Park have, a few yards away, all the hustle and bustle of a main trunk road.”

The beautiful trellis frames, paved walkways, flower beds tended to. The lack of vandalism and beyond in the distance the boating pond. This scene at Stonefield Public Park has changed a lot.

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

John Dunsmore Gone are those days when it was amazing just to wall through the public park and smell the flowers in all their. Glowry
Alex Orr Also John remember they had the flower arrangement across from the big pond spelling out event etc. And of course the “parkie” to keep an eye on things. Do you remember me John. My auld grandfather was Davie McKinnon who stayed next door to yous in Lime Grove. Stay safe.
George Orr The public park was a gem of a place. Boating pond, putting green, swing parks, football fields and lots of beautiful flower beds, I remember the arch very well from my youth,(many moons ago). Been away from blantyre for 37 years but it’s great to see these old photos and the history behind them
Anthony Smith I can still remember the ‘ Parkie ‘ blowing his whistle if we were on our pushbikes going through the park
Margaret Stewart The park was beautiful then. I’ll never understand why they built the sheltered houses there. Yes they were greatly needed but the other end of the park would have been better in my opinion.
Bernadette Mcparland Was a beautiful park. Best park also for kids.
Irene Dickman Does anyone remember an area on to left side of the park? Think it was beside the parkies hut , looked like a huge draft board
Liz Boxall Irene .. I also remember the smell from the piggery near the lily pond
Liz Boxall Yes !!! Think as a wean called it the old mans rest
Tommy Mclachlan Remember the trellis frames,made from silver birch
John Cunning Tommy punch and Judy iam sure you and Andy and Tony was in it
Magdalena Colligan Not as beautiful as it used to be had lots of lovely memories there in my day beautiful gardens boating ponds putting football pitches what’s happened to those good old days x
Janet Slivinski It was such a beautiful park , we used to spend all day in it x
Elizabeth Weaver It’s the heady scents that I remember; so many beautifully kept flower beds just through the arch. I’ve loved wallflowers since I was a child and every time I smell them, I’m back at the public park in Blantyre. Happy memories.
Elizabeth Bradley The park was lovely then and I played there a lot

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