Caldergrove Medical Team

1917 Caldergrove nurses-Colorized

With this picture having been so beautifully colourised exclusively for Blantyre Project, you may be surprised to know it’s 103 years old!

This is the former Caldergrove House, which was once just beyond Priory Bridge. From 1917, the doctors and nurses are pictured who cared for wounded WW1 soldiers who had been brought back from the European mainland’s killing fields.

The house is no longer there.  We talk of NHS heroes in these difficult times in 2020 in Blantyre. However, in this picture, these people were the medical heroes of yesterday and their care, compassion and attention must have benefited many soldiers to the thanks of not just men in recovery but  from their families too.

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  1. What a wonderful photo! Makes me think of the amazing stories they could tell. Great reminder to continually thanks the world’s medical heroes and heroines of today. Thank you for posting this and all the daily ones as well.

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