1982 Hoolet’s Crowd

1982 Vics. Hoolets group

This great photo was recently shared to me from Archie Simm, sent via Hugh Simm from 1982 and the trophy is the Scottish Junior Cup won by The Vics in 1982.

The photo was taken outside the Hoolet’s Nest and some of the names are known.
Standing L to R at the back: Hugh Simm, John Bryson, Jim O’Neill (still a Hoolet’s man), Ian Armstrong, Jimmy (The Fruit) Armstrong. Do you know the other two men on the right?
Bottom row L to R:
Alex Balneaves, Jimmy (The Byle) Boyle, John (the sheriff) Jackson, Wullie Cowan (Larkhall Thistle official and Hoolet’s part time barman), Jim Conroy looking over Wullie’s heid and Stewart Kennedy on the far right.

This was a proud moment and one of celebration.

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