Mary Limerick, singer

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Ealasaid Ann Stewart shared this photo adding, “This is my family on my mum’s side. They came from Blantyre. My gran was a singer and quite well known in the 1940’s. Her name was Mary Limerick.”

Mary Kenmuir Limerick was born in 1917, the daughter of John and Annie. She lived at Bairds Rows in Low Blantyre and worked nearby at Robertson’s Aerated Water Factory in Springwells. At the age of 23, on 12th September 1940, she married Duncan McDougall, a Royal Marine stationed at Portsmouth. 

I have a note that she remarried to William McLean in 1949 and so wondered if Duncan had possibly died in the war? Perhaps a family member can provide more info.

She should not be confused with another Mary Limerick in Blantyre around this time, of similar age.

Update: Duncan McDougall died in East Kilbride 4 Nov 1965. He had a daughter Ann Limerick McDougall born 21 April 1943 died in Hamilton 1st October 1991. With thank to Erick Flack for that additional info.

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