Blantyre Project Daily Articles

During these turbulent times, I find myself continuing to schedule daily history posts here at Blantyre Project, an aspect of my life for nearly a decade, that’s not changed. With so many people now at home and online, people need some normality and interesting articles to look forward to, now more than ever.

I’ll be posting daily as usual. However, I’ve currently set aside ‘in depth research’ and expanded detail for the time being and instead will use the opportunity to show many previously unseen old photos of Blantyre over the coming weeks with just a sentence or two against each.

It’s not a lack of motivation or effort, far from it! Just a reflection that other things and people need my focus and attention just now. Let’s call it a tweak to my posting style. Hopefully the forthcoming photo posts will trigger some nostalgia, memories and discussion.

Stay safe everybody.


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