Deliveries – The Post

Continuing a little look or discussion about deliveries in Blantyre in previous years. This time the postal service. Archie Simm, who lives in America raised this recently saying, ‘I remember the postie delivering mail within about half an hour from day to day (I understand there’s still some predictability with the postie). The same can be said about the “paper boy” making his rounds before school (later a few girls joined that elite group).”

A great admiration for Blantyre posties, working in all weather. I personally don’t have problems with the post and yes, it is fairly regular at expected times each day. One modern thing i did notice though.. Our postman insists on wearing Bermuda shorts even in December! Not sure what her majesty’s mail would say about the dress code!

What’s your memories and thoughts on the postal service then and now?


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