Outlander Filmed Nearby


So here’s something I’ve never posted about, but does have a little local connection.

Time travelling Amazon Prime TV show, “Outlander” has been a global hit since it first appeared several years ago. With several series already made, its Scottish charm has captivated audiences all around the world and promoted Scottish Tourism like no other show ever has.

In February 2018, the primary actors arrived at Calderglen Country Park to film parts of Series 4. The woodland scenes meant to represent 18th Century American Boston forests. It certainly was believable as these stills from the TV episode shows.


As I watch back that episode, something struck me. This is the Rotten Calder. Upstream of Blantyre. So, later that very day it was filmed, that same water would have flowed through dear old Blantyre. Now there’s something for all you history loving, Blantyre ex pats to think about!

With thanks to Chris Ladds.

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