Craigknowe, Auchinraith Road

Not to be confused by the farm of the same name, this is “Craigknowe“, 2 homes on Auchinraith Road, pictured pre-1909, not long after it was built.


The houses are still there today at 163 / 165 Auchinraith Road right at the very top near the junction of Main Street. This fantastic photo was sent in exclusively by reader, Drew Fisher. It shows William Frame and his wife Isabella at the front along with their daughters, Drew’s grandmother Mary and her one of her sisters (either Margaret who emigrated to New Zealand or Jean who married Jim Roberts of Herbertson St.)

Always wanting to add something to photos that are sent in, I would comment that this was a time when many homes were built on Auchinraith Road, commonly detached or semi detached cottages, not unlike this one. They offered good standards of  accommodation, with close proximity to busy places of employment and shops.

Built between 1902 and 1904, Craigknowe was actually 2 houses, one slightly larger than the other, belonging to John Galloway, a miner and William Frame. William had died prior to WW1, the house passing to his widow Isabella. It would have overlooked glass houses and a large nursery at the time. The introduction of postal addresses gave the houses address 93 and 95 Auchinraith Road, though this changed in the late 1920’s to 163 and 165, addresses still there today. Almost all the old stone, existing homes in Auchinraith Road initially had separate names, some still using them today.

Today, Craigknowe no longer has a large chimney at the front and now has dormer windows, but its distinctive, attractive features like the decorative lintols are still there and 120 years later, is still a nice, family home.

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  1. P.S. My Grandmother lived at 99 Auchinraith Road if anyone has a picture. I believe it is gone now

  2. My Great Grand Aunt and Uncle lived in one of the 2 houses as per their son’s birth certificate who was born on August 13, 1913. I when I was in Scotland 2018 I walked by them unknowingly. The family name was McGinty, Edward and Mary Jane M.S. Kelly

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