Craighead Bing, 1979

Lets go to 1979 next and pictured here in September that year is the view from the former Craighead Bing. Looking back towards Blantyre, you may be able to make out the burned out shell of the Stonefield Parish Church, which caught fire that month.

The cleanup operation was due to commence on the Bing, part of the overall plan for Blantyre’s redevelopment, which was underway on nearby Glasgow Road. Redundant railways, disused colliery buildings and the bing itself proving unsightly and indeed “in the way” of the planned next phase of the EK Expressway.

It is with foresight that this photo was taken to show the scar on the landscape that coal mining had left in this area.

1979 Craighead Bing4

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  1. I wonder where abouts in this pic might the stonefield parish church be, burned out as it may have been, it was my home church from being a baby til we emigrated when i was 13 years old. I loved my church. It was my mothers home church as well since she was a wee girl and she was married there. I’ll see if I can upload a photo of my Mum being bridesmaid for her sisters wedding just after the war.

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