Barman at Auchentibber Inn, 1910’s

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This photo dating from the 1910’s shows a barman outside the former Auchentibber Inn. Taken in the Auchentibber Quoiting Ground ‘Italian Gardens’ this is close to where the Auchentibber War Memorial is today. The foliage suggests 1910’s, perhaps within the first decade of the gardens being established.

I know of three barmen at the Auchentibber Inn. Mr Robert ‘Bob’ Souter was one of the first barmen in the first decade of the 1900’s, but I don’t believe this to be him as Bob had a rather prominent moustache and was older than this gent. The second barman I know of was Mr John Patrick, who lived at nearby Springpark. John was barman in the 1910’s, employed by JBH Struthers and a trusted employee often left in charge of the Inn. He died young in the late 1920’s.

The third barman i know of was Mr James Green, a distinguished nephew of JBH Struthers who helped run the bar and Inn during the 1920’s until he married around 1930. However, knowing what James looked like, I can say this isn’t him.

The question is therefore, is this John Patrick? Of course employees come and go and that can happen often, so perhaps this is another barman entirely I’m not (yet) aware of.

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Jiae Jiae Did the mannie Green run a petrol station in High Blantyre in the 1960s? Or his relation?
Blantyre Project sorry, i dont think so. He moved away from Blantyre in the 1930s
Jiae Jiae There was a man Green was married to my uncle Davie Liddle’s sister.
Eleanor Clark Know of a Gilbert Harper that had a Garage in High Blantyre,our dad worked for him many many years ago
Carol Crombie Eleanor Clark yeah my dad did too
Norma Lawrence Marr Paul, I am sending you photos of John Patrick via email for Blantyre Project. I’ve done a comparison and I am pretty darn sure that this is not my grandfather. When you receive the photos, compare the eyes, ears and chins. Definitely a wonderful photo of this gentlemen, though!
Blantyre Project Thanks Norma
Blantyre Project ive got your emails and photos too. Will see what else i can find as narrative for them and hopefully post soon.

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