Primitive Methodist Church

Bethany Hall

Pictured here is the former Bethany Hall on the north side of Glasgow Road. In this previously unseen photo from the 1910’s, the church was actually then known as the Primitive Methodist Church.

It opened on Thursday 23rd November 1905. The church closed during WW1 and lay disused until bought by the Stonefield Independent Co-operative Society in 1925, being refurbished with electric light installed. It did not become the Bethany Hall until 1936 when the Christian movement transferred from their High Blantyre Bethany Hall near Cemetery Road.

Over a hundred years later since this photo was taken, there are few changes. The central tower is no longer there, the stained glass windows, boarded up.

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Ann Watson We had a couple of ladies in the village who attended this church Mrs Black was one don’t remember the other one
Anne Mackie Is this the building where the nursery is now ?
Archie Peat Johnny Graham , from this church , was a well known street preacher in Blantyre in the 50s
Sheena Mason Yip, I remember Mr Graham well.x
Gord Fotheringham We used to slip in there when the cookies were being served…
Marian Maguire At least it’s still being used, but it would be nice to see more renovation on the outside.
Julie Tabor This was my Grans Church
Jane Scobbie Spent lots of time in this beautiful building during my youth. Many happy memories were made there
Stephen Mccall Went to the Sunday school in the late 60s
Alan Russell Stephen Mccall I remember going a few times to a youth club in the YMCA I think. I seem to remember us boxing. Don’t think it was that hall though

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