1900’s Auchinraith School

Here’s another previously unseen, but remarkably clear photo. Taken between 1905 and 1910, this is the former Auchinraith School. Look how new it is and before any mining subsidence took hold!

Both boys and girls entrances clearly visible, the sign saying “Blantyre School Board”. Built in 1900, the school was demolished in 1980.

According to my notes, “It had a difficult time in its final couple of years. By November 1979, hopes that the council would turn this abandoned old school at the top of Craig Street into a new Community Centre for Springwells and Auchinraith were fading.

The damage being done daily to the building was frightening and Springwells Tennants Association feared that the damage was actually so great; it could not likely be saved, with even the stonework being attacked. Councillor Malcolm Waugh denied the the Regional Council were delaying plans to renovate it, adding that the council were fully behind the idea of turning it into a youth centre, but with so much development elsewhere in Blantyre taking priority, the former Auchinraith School would have to wait.  

By November that year the Council were also still awaiting permission from the Scottish Office to spend on the school although the concept itself had been agreed as early as June. Blantyre Police also found it difficult to patrol the area as frequently as it was needed. The neglect continued before the school was eventually demolished at the very end of 1980.”

1905 Auchinraith School1

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Stephen Hasson Went to Auchinraith PS.
Henry Hambley Attended Auchinraith P School from 1954-61. Happy days. Still in touch with some former pupils from those days.
Jane Davies 1941 til 1946 I was there. I remember Mr Dunlop, Mr Rarity, Miss Grieve, Miss or Mrs Neilson, Mrs Francis. Anyone else remember them?
Lesley Napier Does anyone know if old school roles are in existence? My grandmother lived in Authenraith Rd, with an aunt and uncle, at the turn of the century. I imagine she would have attended the school.
Elizabeth Weaver The old rolls were still around fairly recently I believe – not sure how many years were covered but I heard of someone accessing them. Try the new Auchinraith Primary school for information?
Elizabeth Weaver I was a pupil from 1952 – 59. Mr Dunlop was headmaster and always dressed formally in pinstripe trousers – his study had a coal fire and senior girls would take a tray of tea and biscuits through to him as required. What a life head teachers had back then! Meanwhile we had barely-heated classrooms and stinky outside toilets. Met some fine people though and made lifelong friends.
John Henderson Remember it well my dad went to school there and my gran stayed on Auchinraith Rd. Shocking I can’t remember which house number.
Karen Rodgers I only remember exploring as a child, climbing through what was left of it 🙁 It was well & truly trashed by then. Shame, another nice building gone
Elizabeth Grieve Loved my time at this building. Started in 1971 in Mrs McDonalds class. My dad went there as well
Joan Lindsay Barker My school 1964 to 1971 joan lindsay from springwell cresent ♥️ mrs hamilton infants teacher. Marié Rodwell My old school .. I remember haveing to walk round the school ringing the bell. Mrs urquhart mr mcgilvery mrs fairley head teacher loved that school
Brenda Cropp Jeffrey 1972 to 1979 best wee school in Blantyre. Miss Fairley head teacher had a breakfast club before they were even thought of. She brought in cereal and milk and fed the kids she thought needed it x
Kenneth Simpson 1971-76 I think then moved to Calder street primary. Outside toilets & tissue toilet paper. Seem to remember it was sinking as built on coal seam.


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