Practising Acrobatics

Victor Silvinski shared this amazing black and white photo.

1950s Silvinski Acrobat at Stoneymeadow

Taken in the 1950’s , his family were professional acrobats, originally coming to Blantyre in 1901. They were always on the lookout for places to train for shows that would take them all over the world. Like this photo, one handed handstands on the edge of the former railway line crossing Stoneymeadow Road on the road to East Kilbride.

Warning: This is dangerous! Don’t try this at home or out and about! The Silvinski family did this for a living!!

I found the exact place some over 6 decades later. Today, it looks like this.

Screenshot 2019-10-04 at 10.16.05

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Eva Verne Scary up there !!

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