“Scotland Lives In Me”

Billy Stewart sent me a message saying, “I live in Canberra, Australia. I used to live in Berkley Drive, Blantyre until 1975. I went to Livies then to Hamilton Academy. I just finished my new Album “It’s About Time” available on Spotify, iTunes and all the other major distributors. We are a duo called Aussie Scots (my mate Ian is from Aberdeen). One of the songs on the album, “Potted Heid Rap” is all about my time living in the Coatshill scheme.

This is a video I put together with a song I wrote for all ex-pats of Scotland (like myself). Hope you enjoy it.. see if you can recognise all the places in the video.”

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Elizabeth O’Brien Billy Stewart friends with the O’Briens on Berkley Dr. Always kept my Nana in his thoughts, sending wee cards and well wishes on her birthday. x
Catherine Smith Beautiful
Catherine Murphy What a beautiful song
Joy McLennan A Senior s thoughts of home. BEAUTIFUL. On this Remembrance Day…I’m thinking of Bill Watson, from Blantyre, died in Victoria BC Canada. WW 1 veteran.
Betty McLean How that pulls at the heart strings, so lovely.
Marian Maguire I remember you billy Stewart, you are Tillys son, you all lived across from my Aunty Margaret O’ Brien. I saw your sister at her funeral a couple of weeks ago. Aunty Margaret talked about your mother every time I saw her, she missed your mum so much.
Nancy McFadden My mum and your Aunt Sadie were great friends……I saw Tillybehen she was in Victoria Home also I was at her 90th birthday in Berkeley drive. My name is Nancy Lynch and we !lived in Morven Avenue.I now live in Texas so thanks for the song .All the best
Jessie Caldow As another ex-pat, it brought a tear to my eye. Such a beautiful song, thank you!
Marion Jones My husband remember playing football with you I also stayed in morven Avenue went to school with your sister Jean , my husbands name is frankie Jones xx
Gale Stuart My Mama, Papa and my Uncle Billy Black stayed across from you x
Helen Robson Lovely wee video and the words to the song are great. I remember Billy living in Berkley Drive across from my Auntie and Uncle and their family. x
Jean Orr Wow that’s lovely, I too remember the Stewart’s from Berkeley Dr
David McKinnon My Nana and Granda lived at number 59 Berkley Drive for years, James & Margaret McKinnon. Beautiful song

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